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Event: Nuclear rush


Nuclear rush 2015

Despite giving birth to Isabella’s baby sister six months ago I have decided it will be a great idea to complete the 6km nuclear rush in November. Joining me in the crazy challenge is a wonderful man called Matt who actually signed up for this first and was my inspiration to take on this challenge and my best friend charlie who supports me in everything I do and life in general.

this will be no easy achievement with 30 obstacles over 6km including 120 meters of monkey bars and scaling 5.5 meter walls, as if this wasn’t hard enough they have thrown up freezing cold water and mud to fall in and land in when you come off steep slides. This will be a huge challenge for us all and speaking for myself being bed bound for the final months of my pregnancy and then being banned from physical activity following an emergency c section with Isabella’s sister has definitely taken it toll on my fitness and weight­čś▒

any support no matter how small you can offer would be hugely appreciated and if your not in a position to sponsor us we would really appreciate if you could just share our story imageimageiiimage