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The last year

firstly apologies for allowing the site to get so out of date but the last year has been quite difficult for us as a family and the fundraising has had to take a back step. Isabella has been really struggling with her epilepsy and it has been difficult to get under control. She was having seizures every day and was turning blue in quite a few of them. This has been a huge adjustment for us all and many nights have been spent sat up just watching her as we were too scared to sleep in case we missed one.  She has had all her medicines increased and an extra one added and whilst it has improved it a small amount she is still having four to five seizures a week  and absences in between. She has had  two eg tests which showed her brain activity was grossly abnormal and we have just been to great ormond street hospital for anMRI and are just waiting for the results from this and a  appointment with the specialist to decide on the next plan of action.

on a more positive note we have welcomed a new addition to our family. I am pleased to say Isabella has a new baby sister called Matilda and they are absolutely wonderful together.  My heart literally bursts seeing them together

image image image

Isabella meeting her sister for the first time

Isabella meeting her sister for the first time



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